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It’s Amazing what YOU can do with YOUR printer.

Hi, Eric Force here. Welcome to my website. is dedicated to providing, professional quality, Do It Yourself printable banners that will amaze your family and friends and have them remarking: “YOU did THAT?”  Yes, it IS amazing what YOU can do yourself using my PDF banner or poster files and your desktop printer. For example, creating a beautiful Birthday Banner can be done in under 10 minutes with an ordinary desktop printer and is as easy as 1, 2, 3! … as shown to the right. As the website name implies, my speciality is in creating banner designs that use multiple, standard Letter size, (8- ½” x 11” ) sheets of paper to create a single large banner.   For those who prefer to have their banners or posters printed by a commercial firm like Staples, The UPS Store, Walmart, VistaPrint, etc., I can create the exact size needed for you to provide them for a small fee. Click “Services” on the menu bar for more information. Thank you again for visiting with hopes that you’ll come back often and consider me for all of your banner design needs. Best regards,
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6-Panel DIY Birthday Banners.
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