Frequently Asked Questions Taking Do-It-Yourself Banner Printing to the Next Level FAQ
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Q: Do I Need an expensive “Photo Printer” to print these banners? A: Absolutely NOT! Any color inkjet or laser printer with just the 4 basic colors (C, M, Y, K) will produce beautiful banners. Q: I'm concerned about the cost of ink cartridges. How much ink is used to print these banners? A: In general, one 6-panel Birthday Banner, printed on standard paper will use about the same amount of ink as printing about four 8"x10" color photos. For a one or two-time thing, it shouldn’t be an issue. However, it could get costly if you will be printing several banners and you are buying standard OEM cartridge replacements. If that’s the case, here are some suggestions: Consider switching to REFILLABLE ink cartridges (or a CIS system [Continuous Ink System]) and buy your ink in bulk. I've been using refillable ink cartridges for several years, without a problem, and the cost savings are incredible! I'm able to refill all four (4) of my color ink cartridges about 7-8 times EACH for about the same the cost as a SINGLE OEM color cartridge! Also see my “Tips” page for more information related to printing. Q: I’ve seen some banners that have beautiful background colors or other fancy background imagery - why don’t yours? A: The main reason for my (standard) banners having only the white paper as a background is that  I tried to make them as attractive & easy and as cost-efficient as possible for those folks having only a small inkjet printer and normal paper. Unless you have special paper (e.g. photo paper), ink saturation and paper warpage can become an issue that could easily ruin what would otherwise be a beautiful banner. The cost of Ink could also be an issue in that scenerio as well. If you’re planning on having me create a custom design for you that will be printed commercially (i.e. VistaPrint, Walmart, Staples, The UPS Store, etc.) then that becomes a non-issue and I can design your banner accordingly. Q: Your Free Balloon Birthday Banners show a small Tag Line in the lower right corner of “©” - are they really yours? A: Yes, they really are mine. is a website that I started and where I had planned to offer my banners. However, after more research of the DIY field on the ‘Net, I felt that it was way too diversified and large. So, I decided to focus mainly on banners - hence “”.  Since I had already created over 2,000 banners, I decided to use, rather than redo, them. If you try to access, you will be automatically redirected here to