Series HB-01 Ballons Taking Do-It-Yourself Banner Printing to the Next Level Banners HB-01
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Banner Style HB-01
The Banners available from this page are provided as a single PDF file consisting of 6 pages. After printing those pages, you will need trim and glue the sheets together to form your banner. Your finished banner size will be about 4 feet wide by 11” tall (Perfect for most any wall) but just HOW BIG is that? Here’s an easy way to see: Using letter sized paper, (8.5” x 11”) layout 6 sheets side-by-side as shown below with the short end on top. When you place the last sheet down (Sheet #6), overlap sheet #5 about the height of a credit card. That’s your banner size.
Sheet #1
Sheet #2
Sheet #3
Sheet #4
Sheet #5
Sheet #6
about 4 feet
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